New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Young And Beautiful


The vision of spending my future with you,
the moments of me saying “I LOVE YOU!”
Seems more realistic when and only when am with you.

Starting out with you so young, you gave me every reason to be bond,
growing up with you, you gave me every reason to write you songs,
Consciously thinking of you, I learnt it’s my right and not my wrong,
but most of all loving you is a feeling I want all night long…

Loving you is different from me telling you “Baby you’re BEAUTIFUL!”…
Staring at you can be best described as me telling you “Baby you’re WONDERFUL!”…
Examining your amazing body slowly is what I refer to as me Being CAREFUL!…
And above all, having you in my life is a feeling I describe as Being THANKFUL!…

Regardless of the age and time, I would give up everything just to be with you even if it’s my last dime
Regardless of the energy and strength, I would ensure to always be there for you till the day of our death
Regardless of loss in your physical beauty, I would forever adore you as my woman even if your age is one fifty
Regardless of the what the entire world thinks about us, we would forever remain idols to those who wish to be like us…

Young and Beautiful describes my love completely for you
Young and Beautiful describes my past, present and future with you
Young and Beautiful describes my entire life dwelling with you
Young and Beautiful describes the way completely feel about you
Will I still love you when you’re no longer YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL ?
Yes! Sweetheart….I will…for my love for you will always be grateful…….

written by: Oluwole Victor.


14 thoughts on “New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Young And Beautiful

  1. Awwwww! Dis is really nice. I wish he is close to my bed side and reading dis to my ears#likeseriously
    Keep it up dearie. U hav really done a good job#Kiss


  2. Wow, young Nd beautiful indeed… Its soo beautiful it touched my heart…. Expecting to see more soon…. I owe u a big hug *winks*


  3. A really nice touch of romance. I have no doubt that any lady that hears this words will have her blood singing a very high octave note…….. I can imagine a lady’s lover whispering these to her. *sigh* at sunset *sigh* *sigh*……


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