New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Let it Be Beautiful



I can imagine me flickering my fingers through your long dark hair
Feeling each and every strand of it gently, smoothly for as long as I care
The joy of staring into your amazing dark brown eyes whenever I am with you
Reflects to me a beautiful picture of your beauty in which the sky is always painted blue
The sigh of relief I get each time you are close to me and I inhale your fresh breath
Is very much comparable to the same we all imagine when we are old, weak and ready to embrace death
I’m always eager to bite those succulent lips of yours highlighted with a touch of red lipstick or glittering lip gloss
For they calm the urge in me to get wild and aggressive without cause which is sadly one of my many flaws
It would be very rude of me to leave out the top quality freshness of your ever glowing dark skin
Radiating your external beauty for the entire world to see including the blind human beings
The hour glass model of your body starting from your shoulders is indeed a figure to be contended with
Keeping your front attributes in shape such that one can even estimate the weight and size of each at least
The downward concavity of your backside from the rear view has always resulted in all sorts of crisis to men
If I start counting several bankruptcies or divorce cases my starting figure will definitely be at number ten
Your sexy toned legs when displayed while walking usually makes my body temperature become red hot
In my mind I feel like an ice cream melting each time Especially when you wear those breath taking bump shorts
I strongly believe the very moment God endowed your body while he was creating you…..
His final words were not go multiply, but “LET IT BE BEAUTIFUL”

written by: Oluwole Victor.


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