New Poem by the Lazy Poet: A Queen in Disguise


Your beauty influences the minds of people to admire you
Your attitude encourages the young minds to emulate you
So passionate about those you truly love
You pursue justice for all, putting no one above

Your charisma broadcasts everything about you like the cinema
Your personality is so rare, I wish i could capture each moment with a camera
Your decisions, so thoughtful every time you take one, in my eyes it’s like an interesting drama
Your spoken words, carefully chosen melts downour minds like the taste of creamy vanilla

Your beauty strikes deep fear in the hearts of men
Your body figure when accessed deserves a rating of ten
Your level of intelligence is a talent beyond the word competence
Your love can never be fully described, even when put together in a sentence…

I admire the way you rule my heart
I respect the way you spread out your priorities out like a chart
You’ve been everything I wished for in a lasting partner
With amazing attributes embedded in your character like a real mother…

written by: Oluwole Victor.

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