New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Desperate Desires (1)


How much I long to hold in my hands your beautiful face, Examining your beauty; starting from the very base
How much I thirst for your saliva from those wet lips, Hmm; So soft and tender I can feel them with my fingertips
How bad I suffocate from not inhaling your breath, So pure; Bringing me to Life in every way and not death
How miserable I am when I can’t feel your presence, Imagining a creature so adorable and full of essence.

Am desperate to have you on bed with me lying by my side, Forgive me for being too raw! I want to be in between your legs when they are so wide
Am desperate to undress every material on you, Just to feel the warmth of your skin on me when we make love like it’s done in the blues
Am desperate to insert myself inside of you, Surveying every area and pleasing you exactly the way you want me to
Am desperate to hear your loud moans, Differentiating the pitch of your voice form that on phone. In my ears the most beautiful tone.

It is my desire to please you everyday of my life, Staring at you and saying those vows when you become my wife
It’s my desire to have you in my arms forever, Feeling your presence like it’s now or never
It’s my desire to be with you for eternity, But loving you from day one is beyond a fantasy
It’s my desire to love you, Just to make you admit my feelings are purely true…

written by: Oluwole Victor.


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