New Poem by the Lazy Poet: My Possession


You alone in this world are all I’ve got to myself, the thought of that brings nothing more than happiness to thyself
Having you for myself alone by changing your name, completes me in every way than craving for a super star’s fame
Dying to spend the rest of my life with you alone, feels so great I wish I could for our sake create our clones
Call me a selfish lover or a stingy partner, it doesn’t matter to me so far you are in love with me and no other

My passion to make you my long life partner comes from the depth of my heart which makes it really matter
The imagination of loosing you forever, in my mind kills my thoughts and leaves my heart in shatters
The concept of getting married to you sweetheart, is for my babies to refer to you as their mama..
The possession of you by my side throughout thick and thin, makes us together in every possible way stronger

It’s very clear to you I need you, and I don’t care what it will cost me so far you say “I DO”
It’s glaring to everyone you complete me, so why not accept that position of being my lover and let us be
It’s obvious you the soul mate I really crave for, because i love you the way am supposed to love my neighbor
It’s a decision to have you by my side, through out our lifetime journey, it’s only with you I would wish to ride


written by: Oluwole Victor.


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