New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Take it Off!!!


The rush of adrenaline through my body coupled with the intense rate of blood pumping through my veins
Are actions automatically triggered at the sight of your beauty without a single control of my brain
Anxiously waiting to pounce on you, every single form of energy and strength in you; I honestly intend to drain
Because the amazing endowments your body possesses, disorients my thinking in so many ways in which am not to be blamed

My area of concentration is to dwell on the well packaged comfy breasts facing me directly
Carefully massaging every corner to your satisfaction as I suck each nipple passionately
And practically locating your G-spot with my fingers as I survey round your clitoris
Hitting every wall in and out that area periodically, while you moan out loud or silently
Without leaving any stone unturned, I will lay my finger on each and every single part of your well shaped body
And give you the unique experience there is to be…

Positioning your body at acute angle, I will oscillate you very slowly then rapidly
Take out interval breaks just to kiss the wonderful taste your lips allow excessively
Making you realize as long as you are with me, there will be no such thing as fantasy
And pleasing you in a million ways is the very expectation you derive ultimately.
So, If you don’t mind, I can assist you with the undressing part, for I really can’t wait to get my hands dirty…..

written by: Oluwole Victor.


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