New Poem by the Lazy Poet: The Billionaire Lifestyle


The magnitude of freedom attached to the dollar bill sometimes makes one begin to wonder
Having more than a billion stacks can not only afford you total liberty but a 2016 Bugatti, Ferrari, Zonda
The feeling of purchasing every of your needs without a single breath of hesitation feels overwhelming
Most times I picture myself chilling with a sip of Germany’s most expensive Red wine made by Riesling.
The attitude of spending every precious moment on your happiness can only be described as awesome
Before I die, I would love to visit the seven stars Burj AL Arab hotel in Dubai and experience a Threesome
The idea of waking up to becoming your own CEO is a dream for every dedicated employee out there
Working under someone was never my a future I imagined for myself, rather that of a Mark Zuckerberg
The power to revolutionize the mentality of world with an idea similarly immortalizes men as gods
Surrounded by us are products designed to operate on a single touch. An idea designed by Steve Jobs
The unrestricted access to travel almost anywhere without having to apply for a visa is certainly a match
For even the President of the United States of America who surely cannot even afford to own a yacht.
The luxury of crashing in castles possessing breathtaking views both day and night will urge you to stay
I’ve always wondered how many bags of cements were accounted for when building that of A. Dangote
The splendid act of generosity towards the less privileged is simply a crowning effort in every criteria
Every year more than a billion dollars are contributed towards tackling the poverty issues in Africa.
The valuable moments spent with families and loved ones portray the ultimate billionaire mentality:
“Time cannot be purchased in dollars or pounds, but can be spent in its currency which is modesty”….


written by: Oluwole Victor


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