New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Desperate Desires (2)

I am desperate to comment on the taste your lips allow
I am desperate to see the expression on your face after our first kiss, like wow!!
I am desperate to kiss your eyes whenever I see a tear drop
I am desperate to have our first dinner with you and hear the red wine pop
I am desperate to fill your womb with my kids
I am desperate to give our adorable babies a goodnight kiss
I am desperate to hear the sound of your moan
I am desperate to have your voice recorded as my ringtone

My desire is to have you by my side for as long as I live
My desire is to make you a lifetime queen, which am going to achieve
My desire is to wake up staring at that beautiful face of yours
My desire is to fly you on a private jet when we go on tours
My desire is to propose to you in front of the entire world
My desire is to always be your handsome even if it entails me going bald
My desire is to watch you come right out of shower with water dripping down your body
My desire is to make sweet, erotic love to you making you extremely horny
My desire is to turn every of your realities into a lifetime fantasy
My soul desire is to come to this world again having you as my one and only…

to read Desperate Desires 1

written by: Oluwole Victor


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