New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Temptation 101

Temptation 101
A delicately designed creature assigned to cater for every of a man’s needs,
This wonderful piece of art is indeed an immortal instrument planted on earth like a seed.
Hastily germinating every of her intentions toward you at a rate equivalent to that of a weed,
She will always get everything she wants irrespective of the means, that’s just how they breed.

It’s only natural for every female to possess the psychological power of temptation
Without this distinct ability, she’s completely powerless to even control the smallest of congregations
She will simply be dispensable to her environment leaving her state of mind in desperation
Altering the earth’s chain of control completely to man, making her to question her purpose of creation

With this remarkable power of persuasion, she remains the reason we are exactly where we are today
With this amazing ability to compel, her direct command is final and you just have to obey
With this talent of captivating, she’s the reason before sex there has to be at least 5mins of foreplay
With this influence, she remains the reason mothers will always be adored than fathers even till this day
To be continued…(Temptation102)

written by: Oluwole Victor


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