New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Crazy And Stupid

Crazy and stupid are your own words to describe us
Weird and awkward is my own idea, but I don’t think it’s worse

Out of the blues, we never expected or even imagined the thought of happening
But as fate would have it, we became the masters of disguise like a blessing

Growing quick and learning fast, suddenly we become fond of each other
Writhing a short moment, my thoughts of the future now involves the two of us being together
Though you came into my life later than I expected, but still you are an amazing partner
For real, I am eager to spending my life with you forever….

Being crazy together strengthens the parts of our life that’s relatively lazy
Being stupid…lol…is an attitude we both share every time even when the weather is humid
Being crazy about you is the best and incredible form through whichI can express myself
Being stupid for you…trust me… worth more than the best of novels perfectly arranged in a bookshelf

written by: Oluwole Victor


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