New Poem by the Lazy Poet: Yes am Crazy about you

Sometimes I wonder why I totally allow you occupy my toughts..
Like a file cabinet, your love completely fills my brain in slots..
Majority of my actions are as a result of me thinking about you..
But the only thing am guilty of is me intentionally loving you..
My memory seems to be filled with every detail about you..
From your impeccable character down to your lovely body perfume..
Honestly I could even sense your presence from a mile apart..
But a day never goes by without me loving you with my whole heart..

Announcing to entire world about my love for you trust me, really is no big deal..
As far as it secures you completely for me like my delicious last meal..
Reducing every form of eye wink from unworthy guys behind the fancy wheels..
And giving my heart the surest assurance that you’re mine like an encrypted seal..

My surroundings assume at this point, crazy is all that defines me..
“You’re drunk”, “you’re high on skunk”, etc is all they ever yell at me..
But they don’t know how it feels when the one you love turns your real world into a dream..
So mind blowing and breath taking like taste of a mouth watering ice cream…

written by: Oluwole Victor


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