Forever Young

Forever Young

In life, some people claim to be old when they clock 18 and above

While some still claim to be young even at 90, despite the supporting them with love

Moral lesson: Time, as we all know is just a concept created by human beings

However we choose to let it affect our mentality has a powerful effect on how we do our things

Growing up is mandatory in order for every human to live a life of success and enjoyment

But we all can’t deny the fact that fear surrounds us each time we realize our body rejects adjustment

We end up giving in to fear, allowing it affect our outward appearance, including every of our judgments

Ignoring the fact that age is nothing but a number. Believe it or not, it’s not just an ordinary statement!!!

So never ever allow the fear of “how old are you now” strike you unexpectedly

Let the fear of not living every day to its fullest strike you because you still have that excess energy

To change everything around you the way you want it to including your mentality

Because we don’t have yesterday to live anymore, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed either, only today is ready


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