Fatherly love


Irrespective of the telepathic bond shared between the mother and child

The fathers love for his baby is always constant, though his expressions can be wild

Irrespective of the endless praise and acknowledgements showered daily on the mother

The fathers love will always be sufficient requiring no attention or gratitude in anyway whatsoever

Irrespective of the appreciated attributes displayed by the mother to make her house a home

The absence of the fathers figure will always be felt even by the mother whenever she lies on her foam

 Irrespective of the life changing prayers a mother bestows upon her child with dedicated fasting’s

Nothing more crowns the prosperous lifetime of a child other than the impact of his father’s blessings.

Being the head of the family, he places every emotion beneath his duty or responsibility

Being the bread winner, he endeavors to continually feed his family even though it may be beyond his ability

Being the commander general, he’s disciplinary action at times would require a higher level of sympathy

Being an open minded listener, he judges every situation accordingly without giving room for partiality

He may not be loved by all, but his worth is absolutely invaluable

He may not be adored because of his ways, but his lessons are appreciable

He may not be emotional in the open eye, but for his family he’s always vulnerable

He may not be there with us physically, but his genes will constantly flow through our vein cables.

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One thought on “Fatherly love

  1. Well written.try to use some of the quotation marks and use them appropriately.i think vein cables shud b replaced with just ‘veins’.bed is appropriate than foam…what do u think? Well done mate.


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