In Love with a Stripper


The fascinating movements of her curvaceous body up and down the strip pole

The perfectly costumed dress designed to reveal every of her attributes, covering her butt hole

The stability of her seductive operations on the 7 inch heels, signifies the lustiness of her foot sole

Watching this beautiful piece of art perform her entertaining duties arouses me completely to my soul.


Walking straight up to me in a beguiling manner, she slinky introduced herself to me as Blac Chyna

Offering to give me a befitting lap dance, she accepted all forms of payments; cash, master card or visa

Initiating a strong eye contact between us, she kick starts my hangover with shots of tequila and vodka

Within the twinkle of an eye, I simply felt like I was serially induced with a large dose of anesthesia.


Consciously aroused with the weight of her booty gliding exquisitely over the edges of my manhood

She rambunctiously twerks her ass away, gradually burning my desires to want more like a firewood

Spreading her legs to give me a perspective view of her cookie jar, I honestly wish to be Robin her Hood

Like it’s an actual movie about both of us playing our roles intensively while it’s being shot in Hollywood.


Her sleekly mobility taunts me to prey on her body which would only require bills from my pocket

Completely out of cash in hand, she shows a little mercy by whipping out from her panties a ticket

Composedly writing down her contact details, she cautiously inserts the ticket back into my jacket

Satisfactorily walking away from me, little did I realize she was actually going to wait in the toilet?

To be continued…….

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