The writer’s business by Henry Edos.

The writer’s business by Henry Edos.

I came to this world with nothing yet would return with fulfilment,
I bought my existence with life, how i did that, i don’t know,
I sell lines, lyrics with utmost excitement,
Its impact, acceptance, in your life will it show,
Solving practically problems of what ever predicament.

I am only human, riding in His grace,
What is life without essence,
Of what use is a loosed shoe without a lace,
Tragic relationship is always in Love’s absence,
Love suffers all, together we will endure the aches.

To write gives great pleasure or meaning how ever the case might be,
But an event without the crowd or an election without the people,
Such imagination is not reasonable or palatable,
Business has being good, impact has being huge.

What is the writer’s business,
The voice of the voiceless,
The hope of the hopeless,
Our future with incomprehensible brightness,
Heavy rainfall even when the sky is cloudless.

Dream big, aspirations makes the man,
Determination gives drive, never give up,
Believe, less fright because you can,
Comparison tend to reduce distinctive perception so brace up,
Success might delay but i ran to catch up with it.

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