Mirrors by Lazy Poet

The mirror truly is one of the greatest inventions by man ever made
Wonderfully manufactured, yet a broken piece of it can cut sharp like a blade

But even so, it’s use to mankind in so many ways has gotten lots of markers heavily paid
All in all, it’s a beautiful masterpiece which overtime its reflecting ability starts to fade.
The mirror’s greatest use to man is to constantly remind us who we think we are
Even when we have no clue about ourselves, just a deep stare into it could give an answer
Looking at its reflection, you can definitely see it all like you are the alpha
Watching how the image is re created in a way you can neither touch nor feel is really just a wonder.
Most people stare into the mirror only to see whatever they choose to see
The gutting feeling of being reminded about the scars and wrinkles drives them far apart from the reflection which is the bitter truth
They then conceal the bitter reflection with a mask that wears a lie perfectly
But if the foundation be destroyed, what really can the righteous do
What do you see when you look into the mirror????

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