Stop inviting people to church-Elaine Mingus

Good morning people, how is your Sunday service going?  It’s #LPSundays and to awaken that Christian spirit inside of you, This is an intresting article  I came across by Elaine Mingus.

Elaine Mingus, a Christian author and speaker claims as Christians, we shouldn’t invite people to church. Here’s why…

So how…when…where do we spread this gospel? How do we start this “faith conversation” in real life?

I’m no expert, but these are my thoughts. Share the gospel where you naturally are at, with those you naturally see in a way that feels natural. But you say, “I only am around my children all day…”Share it with them because ONE DAY they will be around others. But you say, “I’m at work all day…”Share it with your co-workers in your day-to-day conversations.

JESUS SAID “GO,” NOT INVITE THEM TO CHURCH. Okay, you got the share it where you are concept, right? Next challenge: Jesus said “Go.” Jesus didn’t tell us to invite people to church and hope that the pastor would “save” them, he said “GO” to people. Don’t make the lost come to you, YOU go to THEM!

Please drop your comments on this one 🤗🤗🤗


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