New Poem: The beauty of a lady by Lazy Poet

The beauty of a lady!
The beauty of a lady lies not in her physical but emotions
Emotions with a string attached to her experiences and decisions
Decisions that may have already damaged the most fragile part of her creation
Yet, she’s A creation that modifies the scars into a beauty of overwhelming sensation…

She’s a lady…


Shes a lady because
she wears her heart out on her sleeves, an attitude of self proclamation
She admonishes self defeat, commanding respect in every generation
She exhibits pure quality and class, a behavior showcased at every occasion
Yet she’s constantly denied right to power by our security called humiliation
She’s a lady…


She’s a lady because
The society appreciates her as a treasure and devalues her for pleasure
She’s a lady because
The society determines for her, especially those with very little or no exposure
She’s a lady because
The society renders her helpless, making her vulnerable to abuse of all measures
Experiences that will shatter the pieces of her heart with immense pressure
She’s a lady and she’s beautiful…


It’s #LPtuesdays for ladies and this poem is solely dedicated to every lady out in the world reading this. I’m not a lady but still I managed to draw out this piece from my imagination ☺️✍🏾. Β Pls endeavor to comment and share to your friends.

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19 thoughts on “New Poem: The beauty of a lady by Lazy Poet

  1. Nice. But I did notice that you did not mention the lady that stands despite all the defeat, devalue and condemnation thrown at her. But then you will be talking about the Lady’s battles. Lol


      1. I just wondered what woman felt about your poem, and how you could possibly know. But that’s a daft question, right? Three billion of them is rather cumbersome for any kind of questionnaire. πŸ™‚
        Okay – sorry. I withdraw the question.


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