ONE LAST TIME…again By Lazy poet


A moment of pleasure to make me whole again
A ride of accelerated passion plus desire to drive me insane
An exquisite dosage of satisfaction to climax me like cocaine
Is all I ask to feel with you one last time…again

Write on my body the definition of infatuation……explicitly
Engrave your name in my vagina as the memory will be for eternity
Caress my curves as I submit to your domination over me
I offer you my body, spirit and soul, One last time,
preach to me the gospel of intimacy.

Drill through my cavity and flourish me once more like the fountain of youth
Synchronize the sound of my moans every strike from you that is mute
Conceal deposits of you inside of me so they can be in built
For our eyes will never again bound each other and that is just the truth!!!


written by: lazypoet 

let the comments roll in….😘😍😉.

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