Live your life by Lazypoet

Where must we go…
We who wander this wasteland
In search of our better selves?
Or be hopeless till we return back to brown sand…
Live your life!!!

The greatest gift bestowed upon man is a life to live.
You can’t always eat your cake and have it they say,

yet somehow,
we have this life, A cake we didn’t request to receive…
We have this life, completely ours to do with what we choose to believe…
You have just this life, make an impact thats either positive or negative!
Live your life

The purpose of life itself is that you always have a choice,
A choice to make even when the whole world is making a noise,
A choice to make by just ignoring them and listening to that inner voice…
That will one day become so loud they will have no other choice
But to listen to the you because of that voice that whispered Live your life!!!

Time is the ultimate reminder that there will always be history,
That how you choose to live each moment of your life is your responsibility!!!
That accepting the decisions of your past to be nothing more but a misery,
And understanding that the only way to unravel the mystery,
Of the future is deciding now! how you choose to live your reality

Live your life🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

Pls do comment after reading thank!


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