Love is hopeless.

Horns squeaking

(Indistinct chattering), at exactly 10:45am Saturday morning, Moyo was on the verge of committing suicide on the third mainland bridge. She was on her way to her best friend’s wedding when she unexpectedly parked in the middle of the road and headed straight for the rails of the bridge. Her pregnant eyes filled with heartbreaking tears periodically dropping into the lagoon rippled a wave of anxiety in the hearts of those watching on, as for most of them were about to witness a suicide for the first time. It was a traumatizing moment for the crowd. Within seconds, the crowd grew larger causing a heavy gridlock along the third mainland bridge axis. Their indistinct chattering along with the sorrowful empathy of the females’ persistently echoed jump into her ears as she forcefully shut her eyes flowing into tears uncontrollably.

“Please don’t do it my dear” cried out a voice from the crowd

“Don’t do it, it’s not the solution.” “Please for God sake, don’t jump”

Her empathy couldn’t penetrate the walls of her heart; talk less of influencing her mind on changing its decision. It was too late as she had clearly made up her mind to end her life. From the look of things, practically nothing could reverse the decision.

Soon the third mainland bridge was crawling with sirens of police vehicles and emergency response units from both axes, trying desperately hard to maneuver their way through the heavy gridlock, while the crowd incrementally grew larger than that of Redemption camp. All efforts by the crowd to persuade Moyo from jumping off the bridge had proved abortive as she unequivocally threatened the Police officials who tried sneaking up behind her not to come any closer. The larger the crowd grew the louder the cries of those consumed with empathy for Moyo as they were unable to understand why such a beautiful lady like her would wish to take her own life. She clearly didn’t appear to be homeless, poor nor suffering from any sort of physical abuse, neither did she look like a psychiatric patient. Moyo was impeccably dressed in her brilliant green bridesmaid gown dazzling with ostentatious stones around her cleavage. Her René Caόvilla sexy goddess-leaves heels were bound to worth at least five (5) figures when converted to naira while the flawlessly crafted hairstyle she was carrying glamorized her overall outlook. It was too conspicuous that she had to have been attending a red carpet event on the island, but why a complete package like that would want to waste her life remained a mystery to the concerned crowd.

Explicitly warning the police officials not to come any closer, Moyo immediately raised one foot high, leaning forward to jump.

“Wait madam! Wait, we are going back” they said, slowly stepping backward.

“It’s okay, we won’t come any closer”. In that moment, the chattering of the crowd began to stir up conflict with the police officials, as some members of the crowd began yelling at the officials, accusing them of being responsible for her death if she jumps. Exhausting all options to talk her out of it, the police officials instructed members of the crowd to record and send to all of their social media contacts with the aim of notifying a friend or family member that can talk some sense to her. The environment, trembling with shock as everyone hurriedly broadcasted different messages online to their contacts, appealing with their contacts to rebroadcast to others. This was the only form of help they could render in such a moment. Meanwhile, the traffic had hit every terminal across the state connecting to the third mainland bridge. It was indeed a pandemic situation that began trending online.

Concurrently, the church service for the wedding ceremony which Moyo was supposed to attend had commenced and all of the friends and family members present were ecstatic, celebrating the concept of love with the young couples about to be married. They were totally unaware of what was about to go down. Moyo’s best friend Ijeoma was about to marry the supposed love of her life, Oscar, whom she had just met exactly six (6) months ago.

Ijeoma is very extroverted. Her charismatic quality to attract attention towards herself was what lured Oscar to her in the fist place, instigating a sensational connection infused with passion plus desire over the months. The irresistible body contacts fluttered butterflies in their tummy, their engaging dinner conversations established a foundation of interest that sprung up an amazingly infatuated adventure between the two, such that they were almost inseparable most of the time. Ijeoma would often bring up topics of mutual interest that lasted for minutes, most of which involved her talking for more than half the entire conversation, giving Oscar enough room to focus his attention on her endowments. He would devotedly dwell his thoughts on caressing her breasts while she moaned with exactly the same pitch of her laughter, simultaneously fixating on liberating her from her upper thigh bodycon dress. His eyes only moved in two directions; up, to get his heart infected with her smile and down to feed his thoughts about his desperate desires. He stuttered in between the conversations, distracted by the fascinating way Ijeoma flicked her hair to blush at his compliments.

It was their third dinner date and it ended with an exhilarating, mind-blowing sex that got Oscar on his knees, proposing right after.

“I think I’m in love with you…?” He said, gazing into her brown eyes with immense obsession.

“Let’s get Married.” he continued, slowly going down on one knee.

“Ijeoma, it is evident we are supposed to be together, forever”. “Marry me…”

Feeling completely astonished, Ijeoma overwhelmed with emotions didn’t hesitate to reply.

“Yes, Yes! I will marry you” she replied, slowly pulling him up to push him on the bed. She passionately kissed him while her arms were greedy upon his body. The kissing and smooching lasted for minutes as the approach to an erotic adventure were different this time. In that moment, it appeared as if their hormones were glowing with conspicuous emotions, filling up the entire room with romantic flames sparkling in different shades of red and blue as they made love in a memorable fashion. It was an anecdote for both of them.

The next day, Ijeoma, feeling tremendously excited about her engagement didn’t hesitate to break the news to everyone closest to her. Moyo was, of course, the first to be informed since she and Ijeoma were best friends, and as her best friend, she was ecstatic about their engagement.

“So who’s this Oscar guy sef?” Moyo asked, teasing Ijeoma

“Do you have his picture?” she continued interrogating, teasing and whining her as the latest bride in town.  Ijeoma then replied her by giving details on how they met each other, to their insanely mind blowing erotic adventure which led Oscar to propose; explicitly exaggerating on their erotic adventure which eventually became the topic of gossip for the day.

“No I don’t have his picture; you know we just met naw.” “Don’t worry you will still meet him?” she said.

“Don’t worry about his pictures, for now, just tell me more.”

“How good was it?” she asked while expressed anxiety for the details. Humming in between conversations, Moyo undividedly attentive as Ijeoma enthusiastically recaptured the scenes from her night with Oscar. After some minutes into the details of their erotic adventure, Moyo could sense a tingling feeling which was incrementally replacing her anxiousness with curiosity. It was as if she had already known who Oscar was just from what Ijeoma told her. Soon the feeling became ignored as she had reached a conclusion within herself that it was a definitely a feeling of spite. She obviously didn’t want to feel jealous about her best friend’s newly found love. to be continued…

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16 thoughts on “Love is hopeless.

  1. Things that I guess would happen
    Oscar asked moyo out before, she was forming “I don’t do shit”
    Oscar had an affair with moyo but jilted her
    Moyo has magun on her (extreme though)

    Fash am patiently waiting for the continuation.


  2. Hmmmn…. An interesting one it is…. Anticipating d concluding part. Though I guess Oscar once jilted moyo and for it to get to the extent of her wanting to commit suicide, then it means she was madly in love with him.. And to think, he left her for Ijeoma her Best friend… That alone is enough to leave her devastated and depressed.


  3. Haba you always leave me hanging on ur last words… Beautifully written though keep it up. Can’t wait for the next part. Hurryyyyy


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