Love is Hopeless (2)

Over the months, the wedding preparations were put in place. Moyo could barely participate due to the nature of her work. At 32 years old, Moyo became the youngest and highest paid C.FO in the country earning over five hundred thousand (500000) naira per hour. Her annual compensation was between 300million naira to 500million naira. She was the typical career woman with no life outside her work. Despite her outstanding career as the C.F.O of one of the most prestigious banks in the country, Moyo was suffering from a medical illness; A womb damage that had progressively destroyed the lining of her uterus, making her unable to bear a child.

During her teenage days, Moyo was involved in a sizzling romantic relationship that ended up with her pregnant. Just like every other teenage girl, she started to grow intense feelings during her puberty stage and soon fell in love. Their love was all over the place. It was her first love and the commitment to make it work was bursting with the young and vibrant energy. With every moment together, her hormones gradually consumed her emotions, causing her to feel insecure in his absence. Whenever she was alone with him, they would often practice their wedding proposal together as Moyo was always overwhelmed with love, a feeling which incrementally released a profound amount of hormones into her system. Her smile will sporadically infect the love of her life, leaving him completely vulnerable to his indemnifying emotions for her.

One day he practiced the same move with Moyo, only this time, he ended with a kiss. He immediately kissed her afterward because he realized if he allowed her to smile, her laughter would infect him and he will never have the perfect opportunity to kiss her again. So he kissed her just before she could even squeeze her cheeks. In that moment, Moyo instantly surrendered her life to him, swearing never to love any other man except him. That day they also made love, despite consenting that her actions were wrong. The experience was unimaginable for her as she never assumed it was going to be exceptionally sensational. She had just made love with whom she was emotionally devoted to; she had just made love with Oscar.

“What other feeling could be as meaningful like that” her mind pondered as she never stopped thinking about it for weeks until their second moment together again. It was too delightful for her not to stop thinking about it. Soon her thoughts becoming uncontrollable inspired imaginations filled with the future hopes and dreams. These thoughts were pragmatically growing tentacles beneath the crust of her mind. It was beautiful at first but soon became exhausting to her as every of their conversations revolved around the experience of sex, whereas the opposite was the case for Oscar because he was exuberantly fascinated by their sex life. He would describe his future plans for their family together but obliquely dwell on the thoughts of making love, swaying away Moyo’s consciousness with his beguiling tongue. The exhilarating feeling afterward lasted for as long as their next moment.


After almost 2 years of dating, the raging sensation of their relationship no longer consumed them like it used to. Nevertheless, Moyo remained devoted to Oscar like she had from the very first day her feelings for him began to mature; she never stopped loving him for a minute. However, the perpetual engagement of sex over time resulted in a dilution in Oscar’s feelings for Moyo. This she observed, as he frequently displayed a lack of commitment towards their relationship. Over time, he would often belittle her rather than educate her for every mistake she makes, denies her requests with an unequivocal no and only compliments her appearance with the ulterior motive of having sex again. Yet, he felt something for Moyo in his own way despite remaining partially devoted to making their relationship work.

One faithful day, Moyo started to feel an unusual sharp pain around her abdomen but ignored it by taking pills. She felt better after a while but later became dizzy, steadily losing her consciousness. She immediately alerted her close by friends before passing out and luckily for her she was rescued and rushed to the nearest hospital.  Minutes after regaining her consciousness, the doctor walked in.

Doctor: How are you? He asked. Running some checkups

Moyo: Am fine doctor. I guess it’s because I didn’t eat before taking the pills I passed out right?

Doctor: well it seems so. [Sighs]

Doctor: You should eat enough food and get enough rest, most importantly because of the state you’re in. I will have the nurses schedule your prenatal appointments. From the look of things, you can be discharged any moment from now.

Moyo: hmmm doctor [chuckling], it’s not only prenatal, it’s postnatal you will schedule me for. Se I can check out now, since am good to go? She asked.

Doctor: Yes of course. Just make sure you have the nurse schedule you for your prenatal appointment before leaving like I said. He adamantly replied. Feeling startled by his expression, Moyo’s countenance towards him changed instantly as she felt a sudden urge to interrogate him.

Moyo: Okay, what’s with the prenatal that you are even talking about, hope all is well? she asked.

Doctor: Don’t you know? The only reason you passed out was because you happened to have consumed a medicine that was too strong for your system to digest because of your medical state. It would have harmed your baby, but luckily for you, your immune system had to fight it off. You really need to be careful, if you want your baby to born healthy. He said.

Moyo: I’m pregnant?

Doctor: Yes, two (2) months pregnant. He answered.

Moyo: Doctor it’s not possible. She cried out. Please run the diagnosis again. I can’t be pregnant.

Moyo: What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to live my life? She thought to herself as her tears kept flowing uncontrollably.

Moyo: How will I break this news to Oscar?” she asked herself.

Doctor: I’ll leave you to decide what it is you want to do. Please take your time and get back to me as soon as possible. He said, walking out of the room.

Moyo was in an extremely difficult situation, trying really hard to process the news the doctor broke to her. It was the least of things she expected to be at that point in her life, even though she had always wanted to start a family with Oscar, it wasn’t in any of their plans to start this soon. All the more reason she couldn’t process the fact that she was pregnant. She thought about what the news would do to their enduring relationship and soon reached a conclusion to inform Oscar regardless of the outcome. It was going to be the most difficult thing she had ever done in her entire life, most especially the man she loves.

Days went by as Moyo kept beating her brains out, thinking of how to break the news to Oscar. They haven’t seen or spoken to each other in almost a week and his birthday was coming up in two days’ time. The least he would expect from her would be a birthday card and not shocking news that she was pregnant. Clearly, it was obvious their relationship was no longer working out as it was only a matter of time things between them will be over, but the effect of this news would clearly drive a wedge between them which is definitely not her plan. Concurrently, Moyo felt pressured to make a decision as she’s to report back to the doctor so they can follow up on the necessary steps to be taken. Time was running out for her as she gradually drowned away into depression.

Moyo: I just have to do this. she said, dialing Oscar’s number moments before 12:00am on his birthday. She kept redialing after experiencing network issues. Finally, after four attempts, Oscar picked up.

Oscar: Hello…

Oscar: It’s not yet my birthday, anyways, what’s up?

Moyo: I need to see you tomorrow, It’s very important.

Oscar: hum, can we meet next tomorrow instead; my guys are throwing me a party tomorrow.

Moyo: No, it has to be tomorrow. I will call u to know where and when to meet.

Oscar: Okay! This one that your voice is sounding different, don’t you think I know you well enough to know when you are planning something. We’ll meet tomorrow. Sleep tight. Love you.

Moyo: Goodnight. (Hangs up)

With each second wasted staring at the clock, Moyo was unable to get some sleep. Her heart pounding at an immense rate felt like it was about to rage its way out of the rib cage. She still hadn’t figured out a way to break the news of her pregnancy to him. The endless thoughts of every possible outcome only stimulated her fears, painfully smashing her soul like the sound of a gavel after every judgment.

Finally, at the break of light, Moyo embraced her fears like a soldier prepared to die in a battle, ready to accept whatever the outcome may be. She picked up the phone to call Oscar so they can agree where and when to meet.

At around 7:45am in a nearby cafeteria, she broke the news of her pregnancy to Oscar, deliberately disregarding any informal salutations. Surprisingly for her, his response was neither of the things she had imagined. His response was simply illogical.

Oscar: [sigh] I know. I had a premonition you might be after our previous intercourse but I never truly considered its possibilities. I’m sorry it happened, and I know this has placed you in an extremely difficult situation. Whatsoever it takes, I will make up for it after. I promise. He cogently argued.

Moyo: after what exactly?

Oscar: common, keeping this baby is not only going to be a terrible idea, it will also ruin us for good. He said, gently grabbing her hand to slowly caress. Romantically gazing into her eyes, Moyo became trapped in the moment as he hasn’t gazed at her in such manner for as long as she could remember.

Oscar: we made a mistake, sorry I made a mistake and even before that I stopped treating you less than you deserved. I accept full responsibility for all of my actions and am ready to give you what you deserve. I’m sincerely sorry.

Moyo, trying desperately hard to hold back the tears, jumped into his comfortable arms to express her dissatisfaction and loneliness. She immediately concluded to terminate the pregnancy without any second thoughts since the news circumstantially brought back the love of her life. Moyo had the abortion but damaged her womb in the process as she would never again bear a child. After the abortion, Oscar Jilted Moyo for good based on the excuse that she could never again bear a child. He and Moyo never set eyes on each other again; not until a day before Moyo saw his picture on Ijeoma’s wedding Invitation. to be continued…

So guys, am throwing in a little bonus package to the first person who can correctly predict the story’s ending. Kindly drop your opinions, comments and follow (below)to instantly get notifications on any post. I love your opinions.


3 thoughts on “Love is Hopeless (2)

  1. Which package u wan gv first to comment o, cos I no get talent to dey predict stories.but if I be moyo I go carry AK 47 riffles go dia wedding and d rest will be read on your blog later


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