Brok n crayons still color 

Looking at myself, I am a broken crayon. My colour is still vibrant and I am still made with a purpose. The only difference is I am not all together. And that is ok. Once we learn it is ok to be “broken” we live , we grow.
I remember this amazing tog that Crayola came up with! It melted the crayons so they could become new cool crayons with a mesh of colour. That is what I want to be. A beautiful new crayon. Full of life and colour. Versatile and purposeful.
Higher power has a way of showing us we aren’t as “bad” as we thought we were and that we need him. And even though we look at the media and people are shining and their life looks good, they too have problems similar of even the same as our own.
By Focusing on what others have you allow your blessings to fall short.
You don’t have what others have Because it is not meant for you at least the present time.
We have trial and error so that we have a testimony and so that we appreciate and work hard when our season comes. Be a broken crayon, embrace it……

6 thoughts on “Brok n crayons still color 

  1. Hmmmmm…whoever you are in life, u are bound to experience the high’s and lows which defines life, I am a broken crayon, and a very sweet color at dt, and no mater hw broken i am, my vibrancy, energy, allure is intact, most importantly, my color is nt faded, i am who I am.


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