My African Queen 

Title: MY AFRICAN QUEENBeing naturally beautiful has been a gene passed on from generations,

It’s very obvious your babies will possess such beauty no matter the discrimination 
Being naturally black and stunning has and will always be your unique quality,

It’s very obvious your complexion will forever speak for you even if you travel beyond your vicinity,
Being naturally bold when making the toughest decisions has and will always be embedded in your character,

It’s very obvious to everyone that black females are duty-bounded to become the greatest mothers
Being naturally brave when involved in any situation has and will always be the reason other complexions are jealous 

It’s very obvious they prosecute you not because of your colour, but because they can never be that prosperous 
Being naturally blessed with the endowments of the entire body has and will always be a permanent attribute

It’s very obvious to all, that black females will always and forever rule the world in areas with great magnitude!
Being naturally born with the ability to endure and breakthrough any of life’s most difficult circumstances,

It’s very obvious you are indeed a worthy leader and queen who deserves the greatest of the greatest advocacies.
We are proud of you black ladies!!!!!! (Poem by @iamlazypoet) 


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