Whenever we make love.

It’s always magical ✨💥🔥Its not an entirely romantic session

As our approach may be somewhat unorthodox 

Yet the ineffable taste of her lips fermented with saliva 

Overwhelms me to hastily poke my straw in her juice box 


Aargh, she screams out in pain

Alarmed and conscious, she grabs tight my waist

Ah – I surge in, soothingly grazing her wet wall, 

Soon picking up my pace,

she slowly loses grip of my waist…
Bang Bang Bang, her breath hangs in the air

My movement is fluid, but still her mind isn’t clear

Yearning to take her there I improvised, 


squeezing hard her breasts

Then she suddenly becomes spiritual,

Swearing to god that she’s cumin…
written by lazypoet 

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