Dirty Romantic

The way she looked at you sometimes was worse than any hurtful word that could possibly come out of her mouth. Her temper was short and her temperament fiery. She was like a dormant volcano, ready to erupt at a moment’s notice. It was hard to believe that anyone would willingly want to put up with her. And yet, so many had before and even more still would. But then she touched. Oh, that touch. Her fingers gliding over your skin could heal any physical or mental pain no matter how intense. The desire and need in her kiss made you forget every problem clouding your worried mind. She had a way of making you fully believe that no one existed in this world but the two of you. She certainly had a gift. Being able to get under your skin by driving you into absolute insanity while at the same time making you dismiss every other woman in existence was no small feat. It was incredibly hard to like her at times, but she was so easy to love. -dirty romantic 💋•



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