My soulmate 

live with the hope that one day, someone, will look into my eyes and see the deepness of my soul, and all the suffering and struggles will finally make sense to the person that can see behind all the imperfections and dust that’s been pilled up in all these years. I’ve had my turns at trying to love people, but it never turned out as planned and I’ve failed in keeping someone next to me, simply because you can’t force someone to be by your side if it’s not meant to be, and I’ve grown to accept that and not fight against it. I’ve been selfish for far too long in trying to cling on to someone, and I believe nobody is perfect.. But as long as I still breathe, I’m willing to let people come into my life, play their part in my life’s plan and then let go if it’s necessary. Nothing can last forever and it’s something we grow to accept. Let time do its’ thing and don’t get too attached, that’s all I can do.~ Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache 🌹


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