“He turned away and I stumbled on my words as I extended a hand towards him. I could say his name right now and he would look towards me. I could still have a chance if I just clutched the back of his shirt and told him not to leave. I knew that my actions had been hurting him for a long time but I still wanted to be with him. He walked away slowly and I didn’t say anything. I pulled my extended arm back into my chest and tried to blink my tears away. It wouldn’t be fair for me to keep pushing my feelings onto him. I can’t let my emotions hurt him anymore. I’ve done that too many times already. He walked out the door and out of my life. •-

I turned my back to her and slowly started to walk away. I thought I heard her mumble my name but I couldn’t be sure. I glanced back and saw her shaking hand reaching towards me. Her eyes were closed like she was fighting an internal battle with herself. I wanted to pull her close and ask to her accept my feelings for her. But I wasn’t known as an honest person. She looked like she was in agony over me. I didn’t know that my feelings for her could make her so upset. I can’t just keep letting my emotions hurt her. So I kept walking …. I walked out the door and out of her life. She looked so lost as I left. But now she won’t have to feel obligated to like me anymore. I won’t be able to hurt her anymore.” Misunderstanding #lockedheartbreak ✂️


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