🔞 “He spoke to her
In all the ways others didn’t
Not any erstwhile suitor
He spoke to her heart
Her hidden tucked away part
In that rhythm all her own
He did this every day in every way
Found questions that opened her up
Gave her gifts nobody got
Spirited conversations
Three hour coffee stops
Admiring her age beyond years
Indulgences that made her big heart stop
Soft hands on her cheek
An insistent one in her hair made her weak
He spoke through his passions
His corruptive ideas
He made her read 
Into Him and His favorite inky sheafs
He never excluded her always included her
They spoke the same language of desire
Inspiration that lasted in silences
Eyes fixed and savouring moments
Aching heartbeats synced 
Whetting voracious curious appetites
Grand ideas and small pet caresses
And she never felt like a passive bit of furniture
Not a wallflower but a wildflower
Not tamed but inflamed
Not belittled or f**king ashamed
Furthered and endeared
Wanted and wanting for years
When the shyness fell away
He said I see right through you
Hiding in plain sight
She shrugged and said I’ve always been here
Not just waiting to be discovered in someones bed
He swatted her on the butt
And she didn’t turn tail
Because she believed Him and adored Him
Kneeled for him and found her place
So belonged to Him and said softly with whim
May I please stroke your silly stupid face” ❤️
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