“Someone will come along. Someone who understands that you get jealous and anxious. Someone who knows the fears you have rooted deep in your past and holds you when you’re feeling scared. Someone who can’t dance, but dances with you anyway. They can’t sing, but they’ll sing to you anyway. They’ll love any gift you give, even when it’s the wrong size and they’ll love anything you cook for them, even when it’s burnt. They’ll make you laugh until you cry, and know exactly what to say to make you smile. They’ll leave you feeling helplessly, unapologetically happy as you fall asleep at night. You’ll wonder how you ever got so lucky. Just be patient. Someone will come along.” ❤️

I believe
in love at first sight
but I will always believe 
that the people
we love
we have loved before.
Many, many, many times before
and when we stumble
through grace and circumstance 
and that brilliant illusion of choice
to finally meet them again, 
we feel it faster
each time through.
The one glance 
that set life alight
is two sets of two eyes
staring through the layers
of lifetimes and stolen glances
and first kisses and hands held;
the brace against the weight 
and unrelenting tide
of waiting.
I believe
in love at first sight
but am not burdened with the misconception
that it’s a first sight
at all.Tyler Knott Gregson ❤️

I’ll choose you on the days you can’t even get out of bed. I’ll choose you on the days when your hair is a mess and your pillow is soaked in tears. I’ll choose you on the days you can’t find hope in anything. I’ll choose you on the days that you wish you werent on this earth anymore. I’ll choose you on the days that you can’t find the right words to say, or anything to say at all. I’ll choose you on the days that you’re so angry, you can’t even look me straight in the eyes. I’ll choose you on the days that you’re numb and can’t find feeling in anything. I’ll choose you on the days that your eyes stop burning from crying. I’ll choose you on the days that the pain goes away. I’ll choose you on the days that you wake up and can finally feel again. I’ll choose you on the days that your smile is shining bright. I’ll choose you on the days that you’re so happy that not a damn thing could bring you down. I’ll choose you on the sad days, the happy days, the unorganized days, and every day in between. I’ll choose you any day. There will never be a day that you’re not the one I choose. via #loveandkisses ❤️

She is a mystery, her emotions are too, you can’t figure her out, no one can. She is not defined by meaningless words on ripped papers, I would love to write about her but I cannot define her by a sad poem, she is so much more. She dances with the devil like he is made of the threads of an angel. she glances at the sky like it’s a reflection of her soul, she finds pieces of herself in the moon and stars and she can’t help but raise her hand and move her fingers softly while murmuring to a sweet lullaby. She doesn’t hold on to the people she loves, scared that if she did she’ll break them under her fragile hold. She looks at herself like she is a scintilla, another pointless nothing, but she looks at people like they’re sunflowers with galaxies floating in their roots. she is a delicate snowflake but she isn’t measured by the temperature, she doesn’t melt when she is warm, she isn’t controlled by the weather, in fact the only thing that controls her is the unknown limit of mortality. She clutches her soul like its the only salvation she has of her existence. She isn’t scared of the darkness, the fire in her veins is enough to provide her light. She isn’t like most of us, she isn’t stuck, she is lost and she doesn’t want to be found. -Nada Toghoj 🎭•

 “I am learning each day that it’s good to show yourself, to tear down the walls that we build when we have been hurt. We must let the sunshine of honesty and love flow into our souls, just as we must let light fall upon all living things. To open up is to breathe in, to let our hearts be vulnerable is the first step that leads us to run towards something good. I am not extending my hand to an unknown when I allow myself to feel deeply, instead, I am reaching with the hope that my future will not be the same as my past. Because when we are vulnerable with those we love, we grow stronger and more whole in who we are, and ultimately we find ourselves becoming who we were created to be.” ❤️•

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🔞 “He spoke to her
In all the ways others didn’t
Not any erstwhile suitor
He spoke to her heart
Her hidden tucked away part
In that rhythm all her own
He did this every day in every way
Found questions that opened her up
Gave her gifts nobody got
Spirited conversations
Three hour coffee stops
Admiring her age beyond years
Indulgences that made her big heart stop
Soft hands on her cheek
An insistent one in her hair made her weak
He spoke through his passions
His corruptive ideas
He made her read 
Into Him and His favorite inky sheafs
He never excluded her always included her
They spoke the same language of desire
Inspiration that lasted in silences
Eyes fixed and savouring moments
Aching heartbeats synced 
Whetting voracious curious appetites
Grand ideas and small pet caresses
And she never felt like a passive bit of furniture
Not a wallflower but a wildflower
Not tamed but inflamed
Not belittled or f**king ashamed
Furthered and endeared
Wanted and wanting for years
When the shyness fell away
He said I see right through you
Hiding in plain sight
She shrugged and said I’ve always been here
Not just waiting to be discovered in someones bed
He swatted her on the butt
And she didn’t turn tail
Because she believed Him and adored Him
Kneeled for him and found her place
So belonged to Him and said softly with whim
May I please stroke your silly stupid face” ❤️
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There’s a corner of my heart that is yours. And I don’t mean for now, or until I’ve found somebody else, I mean forever. I mean to say that whether I fall in love a thousand times over or once or never again, there’ll always be a small quiet place in my heart that belongs only to you. -Beau Taplin • T h e C o r n e r 🌹•

It’s your flaws I want to taste.
Your crooked mouth.
The way you smell after being
out all day. Your knees, so eager
to bend
to whatever song is playing in
your head.
Your chest, as it rises and falls
and rises and falls
on the carpeted ground. Your tangled hair.
Your good morning,
every morning.
I don’t want to be able to run
my fingers through you easily.
It is no fun writing about
perfections. I want to talk about you.
Flawed. Crooked.

 🔞 She whimpered oh so deliciously. It was quiet and desperately needy. Every little moan escaping her luscious lips rushed straight to my inner savage. It drove me insane. I thought I’d split her in two any second. I couldn’t help myself, I had to see if I could make her scream. And that was exactly what she had wanted all along. Her whimpers were a dare, a challenge to see how rough I could get. Her noises increased when the aches intensified. We pushed each other to breaking point. Just when I thought we couldn’t, we found another level. Both of us began to feel the strain on our bodies. My mouth was numb. Sweat poured down my face to the point where I could barely see from the stinging in my eyes. Marks appeared across her body, a trail of gripping fingers and stinging palms. We wouldn’t last much longer… When I eventually opened my eyes and rubbed the sweat from my face, and who knows what else was on it, I turned to look at her. She was a mess, covered in saliva, booze… At that very moment she looked like the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. That’s when I realized it. But that’s a story for another time… – Dirty Romantic 😈💋
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