Happy New Year!!!

My First post in 2017 is to wish you all my blog readers a prosperous new year ahead. its really been an overwhelming journey from 2016 up until now, and my only prayer is that the blessing of 2017 will much greater and locate your household. Thank you for a wonderful 2016….Welcome to 2017!!!

She is a mystery, her emotions are too, you can’t figure her out, no one can. She is not defined by meaningless words on ripped papers, I would love to write about her but I cannot define her by a sad poem, she is so much more. She dances with the devil like he is made of the threads of an angel. she glances at the sky like it’s a reflection of her soul, she finds pieces of herself in the moon and stars and she can’t help but raise her hand and move her fingers softly while murmuring to a sweet lullaby. She doesn’t hold on to the people she loves, scared that if she did she’ll break them under her fragile hold. She looks at herself like she is a scintilla, another pointless nothing, but she looks at people like they’re sunflowers with galaxies floating in their roots. she is a delicate snowflake but she isn’t measured by the temperature, she doesn’t melt when she is warm, she isn’t controlled by the weather, in fact the only thing that controls her is the unknown limit of mortality. She clutches her soul like its the only salvation she has of her existence. She isn’t scared of the darkness, the fire in her veins is enough to provide her light. She isn’t like most of us, she isn’t stuck, she is lost and she doesn’t want to be found. -Nada Toghoj 🎭•

There’s a corner of my heart that is yours. And I don’t mean for now, or until I’ve found somebody else, I mean forever. I mean to say that whether I fall in love a thousand times over or once or never again, there’ll always be a small quiet place in my heart that belongs only to you. -Beau Taplin • T h e C o r n e r 🌹•

“…and I hope someday you won’t tell me about heartbreaks. You won’t tell me how things fall apart. You won’t ask me for my advice because you no longer need them. Instead, you will tell me how wonderful life is. And I won’t stop you from describing how it feels to be whole again. Then how you were able to pick up and put the broken pieces back together. I will be there smiling at you every time you pause on talking and glance at me. I will be there listening. Because that was one of the best stories I would pay attention to.” 💛✨-

Side thought: No, you will never be the same as before your shattering. But like teacup stains on poetry pages…you are far more beautiful now that there is proof that you lived and loved, that you can endure. All my love ❤️

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I like drinking coffee alone, and reading alone. 

I sitting alone, 

and do other thing alone. 

I like eating alone, 

and listening to music alone. 

It gives me time to think, 

and set my mind free.
But when I see a mother with her child, 

a girl with her lover, 

or a friend laughing with their best friend, 

I realize that even though I like being alone, 

I don’t fancy being lonely. -unknown ☕️

It’s complicated 

Title: It’s complicated…..

I can’t make up my mind about her…


I’m obsessed about the intimate moment we once shared


How I became enchanted the moment our lips interlocked with saliva


How I became the first man to pull her shirt and pants altogether 


How I sniffed the freshness of her thighs up to her vagina


I already know what you are thinking but No I didn’t make love to her ….


She began to resist me as I hoped to stimulate her mind out of control


Her thighs quivered.


No! no! no! she whispered 


“Victor what you’re doing to me isn’t fair and you know”…


Our agreement was that we would be friends with benefits 


A proposal I arranged because this girl and I played roughly 


But the truth is I secretly fell in love with her because she never for once judged me


On how I always treated her…. 


Instead she would readily say victor I’m sorry…


I mean I literally twisted her wrist playing roughly, still she didn’t curse me… 

My African Queen 

Title: MY AFRICAN QUEENBeing naturally beautiful has been a gene passed on from generations,

It’s very obvious your babies will possess such beauty no matter the discrimination 
Being naturally black and stunning has and will always be your unique quality,

It’s very obvious your complexion will forever speak for you even if you travel beyond your vicinity,
Being naturally bold when making the toughest decisions has and will always be embedded in your character,

It’s very obvious to everyone that black females are duty-bounded to become the greatest mothers
Being naturally brave when involved in any situation has and will always be the reason other complexions are jealous 

It’s very obvious they prosecute you not because of your colour, but because they can never be that prosperous 
Being naturally blessed with the endowments of the entire body has and will always be a permanent attribute

It’s very obvious to all, that black females will always and forever rule the world in areas with great magnitude!
Being naturally born with the ability to endure and breakthrough any of life’s most difficult circumstances,

It’s very obvious you are indeed a worthy leader and queen who deserves the greatest of the greatest advocacies.
We are proud of you black ladies!!!!!! (Poem by @iamlazypoet) 

6-feet down (2)

click here for “6” feet down (1).

“Why?”, “Why does life keep reminding me that I don’t deserve happiness?”

“Why?”  Lamenting on her intense sadness, Funmi re-traumatized, comfortably drowning deep in her emotions. Continue reading